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Custom Machinery

Built to meet your company's goals

Flame Treating

From small burner units to extensive flame treating robotic cells

Pyrosil Flame Treament

Groundbreaking Pyrosil Technology, with systems engineered at a fraction of the cost of European models

RLS Enterprises - The Automation and Flame Treating Experts

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RLS Enterprises, Inc. was founded in 1985 with the belief that any machine that needed to be built to solve a problem, could have a solution engineered for it.

This expanded into our flame treating business, with 25 years of experience building the worlds best flame and surface treatment solution. From plasma flame treatment to ground breaking Pyrosil technology, RLS Engineers have seen all shapes and sizes of products and surfaces. This has given us the experience and expertise to build the exact system to meet your company's needs.

The team here at RLS takes pride in our internal slogan that "we build machines that last forever". High quality components, precise engineering, and solid construction help us provide money saving systems that will outlast even the most aggresive estimated lifetime. We are here to provide you innovative automation solutions. Let us know how we can help your business succeed. - Rick Stecklow, Owner

RLS Custom Machinery

- Pick and Place System
- Robotic Palletizers
- Depucker Machines
- Timing Screw Applications
- Flexlink Conveyors
- Blister Packaging
- Depalletizers
- Box Turners
- Dispensing Systems
- Bearing Cleaning Systems
- Polybaggers
- Unwinds
- Robotic Carton Loaders
- Capping and Orienting
- Accumulation Tables
- Tooling Heads
- Stackers
- Reject Stations
- Servo Tamp Arms
- Inserters
- Case Turners
- Twin Track Conveyors
- Material Handling

RLS Flame Treating

- Robotic Automotive Cell
- Round Plastic Bottles
- High Speed Bottle Flamer
- Large Sheet Flame Treater
- Flame Panels
- Gallon Flame Treater
- Drop Flame Treater
- Portable “EC” Flame Treater
- Deflashing Angle Hair
- Extrusion Flame Treater
- Spinning Rod Flame Treater
- Plastic Cup Deflashing
- Window and Door Flamer
- Indexing Flame Treater
- PVC Pipe Flame Treater
- Plastic Flat Flame Treater
- 3D Object Flame Treater
- Parting Line Removal
- Glass Bottle Flamer
- Custom Flame Treater
- 4 Burner Bottle Flame Treater
- Up to 70 Dyne

RLS Pyrosil Flame Treating

- Glass Treatment Systems
- Solar Panel Treatment
- Aluminum Treatment
- Plastic Container Treatment
- Hand Held Rentals
- Increase Adhesion
- Extends Durability
- Improves Scratch Resistance
- Improve Longevity of Hydrophilic Coatings