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General Description

E(xisting) C(onveyor) Flamer designed as highly reliable, portable production unit.
Complete stand-alone flaming system mounted on a tubular steel frame.
Equipped with casters for quick and easy positioning to most conveyor lines.
No disassembly of burner unit required for movement from line to line.
Uniquely designed crank-up assembly with locking gib, thrust bearings and ACME thread for easy raising and lowering of burner unit and smoother load handling.
Electronic control panel and precision flow controls for accurate pressure regulation and consistency throughout flaming operation.
Easily expandable to four burners; each burner head can be adjusted in XYZ directions independent of the crank-up mechanism.

Available Options

Two opposed burners; expandable to four
Adjustable heights: 1" to 8" standard
AGF cast bronze burners
Fenwall spark ignition systems